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A-ho, ho, ho. It’s the holiday season, my friends, and though I consider myself a hate-riddled Grinch for most of the period, I do have a heart… Like the Grinch I come to my senses, but mainly out of pure self-indulgence. It’s usually a time for reflection, sometimes painful, sometimes glorious, but always an opportunity to take stock of what is most important to me.

I realized more than anything else that wandering (*sic*) around and exploring is a major part of my life, and though I’ve always treated home as a base for travel, perhaps it’s one of the places that needs exploring the most.

Vancouver | Night scene from Burrard Bridge

So in addition to summarizing and uploading all of my old journals, I will try to make an effort to expound the glories of my new home here in the Great White North… because it’s a pretty cool place to be. I just have to let others realize that, too.

Have a good holiday, kids.


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I got myself a mean Epson scanner yesterday and spent the entire evening scanning in photos from trips of olde. I managed to get my Costa Rica set all prettied up, so head on over to flickr and enjoy:

Costa Rica photos

I apologize, but there are no snapshots of me dancing. Believe me, that’s a good thing.

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I’m sure you’ve been waking up each morning, ready to update your RSS feeds, hoping for the possibility that olde Wandering Shoes has submitted some sort of life-changing update. I’m sorry I’ve had to disappoint.

Thing is, I’ve just moved back to Vancouver. Moves take up a bunch of time, even down to purchasing the little necessary but sometimes unforgettable things, like a cheese grater. It’s sadly chewing into my update time, but it looks like I’ve gotten most of my staples (sans cheese grater), so expect updates a-plenty.

My wandering shoes are still seeking new places to see, and I’m hoping to schedule a trip in the new year, most likely in places where I can scam free accommodation. I implore friends to take note, especially those in Berlin, Istanbul, Nagoya, or Taipei. I will be knocking on one of your doors soon.

In the meantime, let’s get this dang site up to date! Here’s a preliminary effort to get things going in the right direction — presenting old travel photos! Thanks to my pal Lori, here are some scanned shots of ye backpacking trips of olde. You may notice that some sets are very, very sparse; additions will be made in due time, you lucky dogs.

Photo goodness:
New York City

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Come on, you want to look at some pictures. Get clicking:

San Francisco picture gallery

Santa Cruz picture gallery

Portland picture gallery

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Nice. Scenery.

Amtrak | Just outside of San Fran

Great. Seatmate.

Amtrak | Listening to the Hidden Cameras

19 hours in coach.

Amtrak | Coast Starlight, Oregon

Worst. Sleep. Ever.

Amtrak | worst. sleep. ever.

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